Explosion Proof Lighting in CO

At EpicStar EX, we offer an extensive range of explosion proof lighting in CO. From floodlights, bay lights, compact lights, emergency lights, explosion-proof LED, and tank lights, you will find all types of hazardous area lighting.

What Do You Mean By Explosion Proof LED Lights In CO?

Explosion proof LED lights in CO are designed to prevent themselves from being the cause of the explosion. They are designed, manufactured and tested to ensure that they do not initiate an explosion due to arcing contact, malfunction, high surface temperature or flammable materials in the air.

Why Does Categorization Matter For Explosion Proof Tank Lights In CO?

The danger persists if the wrong type of lighting is installed in the wrong type of site. That’s why it’s important to keep the categorization in mind when installing explosion proof area lights in CO. Same applies to other types of explosion proof and hazardous location light fixtures.

Where Is Explosion Proof Area Lighting In CO Needed?

Any organization operating in explosive environments requires it. Common applications of explosion proof area lighting in CO include mining, marine & shipping, airport and oil & gas industry.

Why Install Explosion Proof Lighting In CO?

  • To ensure optimal visibility
  • To protect lives
  • To cut energy costs
  • To protect infrastructure
  • To meet applicable legal guidelines