Explosion Proof LED Lighting
for Hazardous Areas

Explosion Proof LED Lighting for Hazardous Areas

Classification Specifications:

Organizations that operate in harsh industrial environments require framework for achieving optimal plant safety and efficiency through proper lighting, safe electrical installation, and operation.

EpicStarEX explosion proof LED luminaires are designed to provide a professional, safe, high performance, robust emergency lighting system in explosive atmospheres.

Our product portfolio of emergency fixtures, electrical equipment and explosion proof LED light fixtures in CO can be adapted to the specifications of any site location and for use in a different zone and class applications.

With EpicStarEX application solutions, we proactively identify risks, stay up-to-date on evolving regulations, and most importantly, keep workers safe!

Intrinsically safe lighting in CO is necessary for a number of reasons not limited to:

Let us help you choose the proper

intrinsically safe lighting

in CO to ensure that your operations run efficiently while minimizing risks, and your energy bill!

What is Explosion Proof/Hazardous Area Light Fixtures In CO?

Explosion Proof/Hazardous Location Electrical Equipment is durable lighting specially designed, manufactured, and tested to ensure that arcing contact, malfunctions, high surface temperatures, or flammable materials in the air do not initiate an explosion. However, explosion proof lighting and hazardous area light fixtures in CO differ from each other based on the designated location and legal requirements.

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Your safety is our success. As one of the leading hazardous lighting manufacturers in CO, EpicStarEX provides best-in-the-market hazardous area and explosion-proof lighting designed for the most extreme environments. We have been delivering quality commercial LED Lighting Solutions since 1991. Our goal is to provide tremendous value and a superior customer experience overall.

EpicStarEX works with companies in a variety of industries. Need to meet certain specifications? No problem! Our explosion proof light fixture in CO can be tailored to fit your needs precisely

Common Classifications:

Common Applications of LED Floodlight For Hazardous Areas:

Mining Applications

Oil & Gas Industry

Marine & Shipping


Protect Lives

Protect Lives

Cut Energy Costs

Cut Energy Costs

Protect Infrastructure

Protect Infrastructure

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